5 Amazing Books for Personal Growth and Business

What types of books have you been reading or listening to?

During the start of the pandemic, I found myself reading for myself again! Not just for teaching and curriculum, not just for a program and doctoral work, but for myself personally.

As great and beneficial reading is, it’s time consuming. I’ve always been a person that would read an entire novel in a day, if possible. But with a toddler, that wasn’t conducive to our schedule, I decided to start using my audible credits that had been accumulating for years 😩.

It turned out to be the best thing ever for me! Every time someone would suggest a book, I would listen to it! The knowledge I’ve gained over the past year has been amazing! From business to personal self care, I love them all!

Sometimes you need that fun and inspiring read and for me right now it’s Joy in the Little Things by Kerrie Hess. It’s all things I love, finding happiness in style, home and the everyday. 

Here’s some of my favorites reads:

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks 

Stories That Stick by Kindra Hall 

The Martha Rules by Martha Stewart 

The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey 


So again, what type of books are you reading or what’s one of your favorites? Let’s chat in the comments.

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