Being a Plant Mom with Kayla P.

Being a Plant Mom with Kayla P.

Kayla P. in front of her in-home green space!

Plant Mom Defined. Mother of plants. Someone who owns a great number of plants and cares for them deeply.

Being a plant mom isn’t anything new for the older generations of women, however for millennials it is this new unchartered territory that either scares us or we fully embrace. I had the opportunity to interview a phenomenal plant mom that I am close to, my cousin, Kayla!

She has an inherited green thumb and a funky flare to go with it! I was able to ask her a few questions and get few tips, that will help new and aspiring plant moms start their journey. So, let jump right in.

Nicole : What made you become a plant mom?

Kayla: I kinda stumbled upon it. But my grandmother and my mother did it. Now the plants like me and I like them!

Nicole: How did you learn about the plants?

Kayla: Google honestly. Youtube, my mom, and the workers at the nursery mostly. But there isn’t any guarantee…just trial and error.

Kayla’s Philodendron Birkin

Kayla’s Philodendron Birkin

Nicole : How many plants do you think you have total?

Kayla: I think I have about 25 to 50. Not to many but just enough…. ok! I have more than 50….Ok I have … close to 100. That escalated quickly lol!

Nicole: What are your favorite plants?

Kayla P. in-home green space!

Philodendron Monsteras.

Kayla: My favorite plants are Monsteras. Philodendron Monsteras are fairly easy… They let you know what they need. Another is Anthurium. They bloom (in a sense) like a flower (but leaves), which make them last long time. ZZ plants are good because they don’t need much sunlight or water. The more light they get, the faster they grow. But they can be in the depths of a room and still survive.

Anthurium plant.

Nicole: What advice would you give a new plant mom?

Kayla: I would say, do your research and take your time. When purchasing take the plant out of the pot. You may get some weird looks, but it helps to check for pot rot and bugs. Don’t over water! New plant parents typical do that trying to give their plants love. Remember What you consider an easy plant may not be easy for someone else. Its all trial and error but you’ll find the plant the works best!

Nicole: Thank you so much Kayla for your time!

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Kayla P. @kpwilhoite

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