New Year, New Me, New Decor Zhoosh?

New Year, New Me, New Decor Zhoosh?


We made it!! It’s 2021 and aren’t we ever grateful for it! The previous year definitely made us adjust our lives in major ways.

In a blink of an eye our homes became so much, from offices to schools, to gyms. But we are resilient...

So, now we have arrived at the new year, new me phase of the new year. We all have our resolutions of change for 2021. One of mine is to have a better morning routine and stick to it!

Another one of mine is give my sitting room some Zhoosh!

Our decor Zhoosh is important! Our homes are our oasis. Our homes reflect our styles and we’re so proud of it! But sometime we need a little Zhooshing up to get a new and better feeling and the same goes  our home interior!

Decor Zhooshing can be very quick and simple! Here are a few simple tips:

🏠Add Throw Pillows to Your Bed or sofa.

🏠Paint or Wallpaper an Accent Wall . When done right, an accent wall can help the rest of a room's décor!

🏠Put an Antique in an Unexpected Place. No matter your décor style, an antique is the perfect finishing touch in a room. This is my favorite tip!

🏠Swap Out Side Tables in your space.

🏠Dress up a Entryway with a Runner or a rug!


These few simple tips can have your home Zhooshing in no time!!


Wishing you an amazing year to come!

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