Queen.Billie.Hazel: Home Behind the Brand

It’s the new year and my goal to take Queen.Billie.Hazel Home to the next level by helping women and remembering why this brand was started.

It is names of the most influential women in my life, my Grandmothers and great-aunt. They always dressed like a "lady" and their homes matched! They were and are very sophisticated fashionable women. They mean so much to me and I wanted to do something in their honor. The collections are all inspired by their style. I just add my own flare to it.

I must also remember who I am...

I’m a home products designer, detailed home merchandiser, and a lover of creative ways to making a home functional and personable! I’m here to guide, support, and offer solutions, through products, visuals, and blogs, to versatile women who are embracing their season through home interior.

A Southern girl with simple glam flare, new mommy and homeowner, creative educator, love for entertaining family and friends and helping others!✨✨

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