Southern Baked Banana Pudding

Southern Baked Banana Pudding


I made a Southern Banana Pudding this week end! My Grandmother Betty (Billie)’s Recipe! She’s is a phenomenal cook, and the and I would love the simple but delicious recipe with you!

(I’m not a chef so my terms maybe wrong 😘)


1 can of condensed milk 🥛 

3 egg yolks (save the whites)

Half a cup of sugar 

Tablespoon of Flour

Teaspoon of vanilla extract (add once pudding is thickening)

Mix on stove on medium heat (4/5 on electric stove)

Until pudding is thick!


Cut 3 bananas 

Layer: pudding, cookies, bananas (until desired)

To make the Meringue:

Mix the egg whites

A cup of sugar 

A little lemon juice or cream of tartar for fluff.


Mix until it mount peaks stand on their own

Pour meringue over and decorate!

Place in the over on 350 until cookies brown or until desired!

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