Thank You Note Etiquette

Hey Hey! Here’s some Thank You Note Etiquette for us to remember! 📝✨✨


So when should we send a thank you note?


📝A thank you note should be given and recieved after recieving gifts, letters of recommentation, after receieving a condolences card or gift, being a house guest, after a dinner party, doing a big favor, major life changing gifts ( graducations, weddings, promotions, showers, etc.).


📝Thank you notes should be sent in a timely manner.


📝Keep the wording lighthearted and simple.


📝Make sure not to over thank!


Whew! That’s a lot of thanking 😆😉!


Do you use personal stationery or stock stationery?






More stationery tidbits to come, as Queen.Billie.Hazel embarks on this stationery journey that’s soon to come!✨✨✨

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