These Few Items Can Spruce Up Your Living Room During the Pandemic!

These Few Items Can Spruce Up Your Living Room During the Pandemic!

So… mid March of this year (2020) literally changed every aspect of the way we lived life, for must of us. We were quarantined in our homes, with limited physical access to the world. This triggered some to evaluate many different things in their life. For many, including myself, it made us revisited home projects. People everywhere were looking for ways to spruce up their living quarters. I mean why not? You are literally spending your every waking moment in your home, why not make it your true oasis?!


The most popular areas being spruced up is the living room. There are only a few things needed to spruce up this area. Curtains or drapes can transform your living room drab to fab in a heartbeat. The key to picking the perfect curtains or drapes is to make sure that they are functional. Of course you want to choose the perfect color but there also other factor to consider as well. When making your decision, also think about the size of your living room, your pets and/or children, if you want natural light, the season, and if the curtains for long term use. After you made the choice on type, color, and functionality, make sure you have the correct measurement for your windows, and enough panels to make the look full and chic.

Another item to spruce up your living room is an area rug! No matter the size of the space, an area rug can transform it. Now you can’t just put down any rug, it needs to compliment the room. You need to choose the style that will elevate your atmosphere and do not focus on the rug being matchy matchy. Make sure that it brings out the tones and colors of the room’s furnishings. An idea would be to look for rugs of a solid color when paired with a sofa or couch with patterns. This would also go the opposite way as well, pairing printed rugs with a solid color sofa or couch. Don’t forget, just like the curtains, functionality is important! Choose a rug for the lifestyle that is lived in that room. If it is a luxury decor room with minimum activity, than you can choose an higher end rug for that area. If it an higher traveled area and multifunctional, you want to choose a fabulous but durable rug for this area. One more thing, do not for get a rug pad, and make sure that it is compatible.


Last but not least, throw PILLOWS! Throw pillows are my favorite! They are literally the accessory, like your favorite go to chic pair of earrings, for any area in your home. When you are sprucing up an room, they are a must have! Throw pillows are best if they are either in the same shade or in a pair of complimentary shades. Keep things polished with a symmetrical arrangement. Professionals say there is a basic formula that’ll help you narrow down your options, one simple print, one busy print, and one solid.

Another way is one small print, one big print, and one solid. Your busier or larger print should be on your largest pillows or the pillow that is front and center, as this print will usually set the tone for not just your pillow arrangement but the rest of your room. This also goes for plaids and stripes, as well as small and simple prints. You can’t go wrong with good throw pillows.

This is why QUEEN.BILLIE.HAZEL Home has a new collection of throw pillows! This collection will have an exotic them, with solids, so there will be something for every room and style!

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