This Item Upgraded My Fireplace and Kept My Newly Walking Toddler Out!

This Item Upgraded My Fireplace and Kept My Newly Walking Toddler Out!

Picture it… you finally have this lovely fireplace. You have decorated it the way you wanted it and you just love the way that it has become the centerpiece of the room. Also picture it… your little bundle of joy is now a pulling up, wobbly, adventures toddler! Do you see where I’m going with this?

Our Fireplace Before

We thought we had time to baby proof our home. Our son was crawling and pulling up at 9 months but really too nervous to take steps. We took it for granted. Within 3 weeks he was fully walking and going into the fireplace! We had to come up with something fast! I go to google of course, and look for a gate for the fireplace. They were all uber expensive. The most affordable one I found was on Amazon for $89.00 and came highly recommended. I ordered it and when it comes, I realize that it’s way to wide for this narrow space. So back to square one!

This is the Fire Place Baby Gate I ordered that was too wide for my living room. (clink link to be directed)

Our Fireplace After (Link for Fireplace Cover)

My husband suggested that we try a fireplace cover. I’m think “Yeah right, that not going to work. This little boy will just pull it down”. After my son literally climbed into the fireplace, smh, I was willing to try anything. I search and find a nice but affordable cover. When it arrived, not only did it keep our little one out, it literally upgraded the fireplace and the living room! I was so shocked! It helped me see that childproofing can be done and not completely alter the look of your home. If does, find a way to make it look great!

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Reese enjoying himself 🥰

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