Tips to Organizing Your Home Like a Visual Merchandiser

Tips to Organizing Your Home Like a Visual Merchandiser

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Having been a visual merchandiser for many big retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue, I learned not only how to tell a story with merchandise, but also how to be organized. Many of the tips used in merchandising can be used in organizing the home. I have always “merched” my bedroom closet and kitchen cabinets. I’m going to give you some of the best tips to help you organize like a visual merchandiser.

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Pick your space. Find an area in your house that can benefit from the organizing the most. Stick with one space. Trying to organize multiple spaces at once will only frustrate you and may cause you to give up.

Find Inspiration. When looking for inspiration, use the internet, which has unlimited home decor inspiration.

Plan. Answer the following questions:

What is it about this space that isn't functional?

What pieces or items are, and will continue to work in that space?

What does your ideal space look like?

Set a Time. Have an allotted time set for organizing this space. Depending on the size of the space and items, it may not happen over night. Schedule a couple of hours each day to work on getting the area organized.

Visibility, Accessibility, Flexibility. These three rules are the key to organization. They will help when it comes to choosing the right shelving and containers. Make sure your choice makes it easy to identify the contents. Also, you want to make sure the most used items are easily assessed. For example, putting less used items on the higher shelves. Storage systems need to be flexible and easily adapted to your needs. They need to solve your organization problems.

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